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Where in the world has The Passport Pair been?

Last time we left off, we gave our in depth thoughts on leaving Cape Town. At that time, we did not have a plan set in stone of where we were to live, where we were going to work, or our general next steps. This time was difficult and exciting all rolled in one. We had to work at being happy which is something we had never experienced.

Finally some good things came to us in the middle of March and we made the move to Denver, Colorado.

Within 4 months- we moved to another country, lived in 2 states, both got new jobs, moved into a new apartment, made new friends, and bought a new car. To say that the feeling of newness encompassed everything that was in our lives is quite the understatement. Unlike the move to Cape Town, every piece felt right. There was no question if this was the right move for us.

In the last few months, both of us have become stable again. We are thriving at our new jobs and do not dread going to work in the morning. With almost no commute as we can walk and bike to work from home. We are both challenged and growing daily. Additionally, for the first time (ever?) we have significant amount of Paid Time Off which has allowed us to continue adventuring. It feels good to have a home base and our new home feels just like that- home.

What’s next?

Denver, Colorado was a strategic move for our adventures. There was a moment while living in South Africa that we realized we had been to more National Parks in Southern Africa that our own “country”. Denver is placed in the middle of the States and is within driving distance of most of the National Parks. We have been to two already and have plans to go to 11 more before 2018 comes to a close!

Though we will begin to focus more on the States, we are sitting on A LOT of content from our time in South Africa- including a 10 day roadtrip through Namibia. Keep your eyes out for this!

(There are also many trips abroad planned, to be announced)

Now that life is more stable and we settled, The Passport Pair will follow suite.

Thanks for all of the well wishes and positive thoughts!

Life is good.

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