100th Blog Post: It’s been awhile… Passport Pair update

100th Blog Post!

Some of you may have noticed that the Passport Pair has been completely off-grid for quite a while. A series of circumstances, tough decisions, and life changes have led to our absence, and it’s time that we come clean with a special 100th Passport Pair Blog Post!

The short and sweet of it is that we have left Cape Town and moved back to the United States.

The last few months have been a difficult learning and growing experience for us as travelers, as a young couple, and as individuals. A series of unfortunate events and some hard-earned realizations led to our very difficult decision, but we are confident that it is the best choice for our little family. We decided to leave Cape Town before we developed a sour taste in our mouth about the place.

Despite our recent difficulties, we still love Cape Town and South Africa. It is where our love really blossomed, and we will forever cherish our memories there. We are certainly not done forever with Southern Africa or Cape Town.

One of our biggest discoveries was that while it may seem like a great idea to live in such a beautiful “vacation spot,” visiting such a place and living in one are entirely different things. We have discovered that the friction we faced living in Cape Town was simply causing too much stress, and it was time to live somewhere we could be more comfortable.

All of this being said, The Passport Pair is not done. We have some solid ideas of the direction we want to take our travel, blog, and photography, and new and exciting things should be coming through the pipeline soon. We still have a lot of content to wrap up from South Africa, including revisiting Namibia in November of 2017.

As we wrap up our South African experiences, we will also be starting on some new adventures, both in travel and in life (no we aren’t pregnant). We will be making some big announcements soon about the future of The Passport Pair. Additionally, Leeann and I will both write individual thoughts on our decision to leave Cape Town, including additional insights into our decision to leave, and the things we will miss most, so stay tuned.

We appreciate your patience, and hope that our loyal followers will continue to grow and experience new things with us soon!

Beach, Cape Town





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