Life Announcement!

Moving to Cape Town, South Africa

Big News, huge life announcement!

We officially can now announce that we are moving to Cape Town, South Africa in mid-October!

Maxwell lived in Cape Town in 2013 and when Leeann visited in December 2013, love bloomed in that beautiful place.

Since coming back to the United States, we have been talking about moving as a married couple for years. We are lucky with the cards we have been dealt and are able to finally go.

This blog/website will now be focused on our journey to and experience in Cape Town. Additionally, Cape Town is a perfect jumping off point to the rest of the world.

In our vows, we spoke of our desire to search for a meaningful existence. We believe that this move is the right move and we will begin to find that.

So come along on our journey and watch as we succeed, fail, learn, and love all the way.

-Max & Leeann

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    Long Distance Relationships: How to guide – The Passport Pair
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    […] years after our long distance, we get to live in Cape Town with each other. Truly a dream come […]

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    […] our impending move quickly approaching, my first trip to visit Maxwell in South Africa is ever […]

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    […] It will be the comeback story 3 years in the making. […]

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    September 16, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    […] One big motivation to moving back to South Africa is the peace that you see here on Maxwell. His soul thrives in nature and Southern Africa is completely wild. Maxwell did a lot of self growth in his time here in 2013 and I am wholeheartedly excited for the growth that we will do together the next few years. […]

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    African Roadtrip: Day 9 & 10 – The Passport Pair
    October 18, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    […] This trip solidified our relationship and showed that the essential communication skills were there which lead to a great foundation. Once I committed to going to Africa 5 months later, our relationship was a no brainer and this roadtrip was a major part of that. This is why we moved back to Cape Town when presented the opportunity❤ […]

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    Cape Town, South Africa – The Passport Pair
    November 4, 2016 at 9:53 am

    […] If there is anything I took away from this beautiful city in 2013, its that of hope. Like many places, maybe more than some, Cape Town is not without its issues. Much of the population lives on a dollar a day, and within the small city limits you’ll find the highest income inequality. The resounding sense of hope that I see transcending that, however, is what has brought us back. I learned about myself in this city. I’m hoping that both Leeann and I will continue to learn, to grow, and to continue down the path towards a meaningful existence that we promised to each other in our weddi… […]

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    […] have committed to taking advantage of Cape Town’s beautiful hiking trails. This was our first hike since being back in town. I had not previously […]

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    […] During our time doing long distance in our relationship, Max went sea kayaking in Hermanus, South Africa for the first time. I was immediately jealous because of my love for animals, so it was one of the first adventures we had on our to-do list when we moved back! […]

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    […] being bogged down by students loans (in America) we are not sacrificing a standard of living by living in Cape Town, South Africa. We both admit that our Instagram and blog photos are not the most glamorous, but that is because […]

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    If they can do it, so can we – The Passport Pair
    January 30, 2017 at 6:40 am

    […] you will. But we certainly aren’t going to be able to check any of them off through inaction. We will take that leap of faith and know that we will face both success and failure, but ultimately […]

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    […] Am I going to be better off? Yes. […]

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    […] try to establish a routine when on long flights (we will be doing the 12 hour leg from South Africa to Europe frequently in the near future). On this flight the airlines typically feed you one to 1.5 hours in, as well as with 1.5 hours to […]

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