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By now, if you follow our Instagram, you probably keep seeing some of the same clothes and accessories. We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to outdoor gear. In this post, we are going to outline our essentials!

Hiking Boots

Outdoor Adventure Accessories

Our Hiking Boots

Leeann has Keen boots. To be honest, the model has worn off because they are so… loved. But they have a low boot cut rather than going up over the ankle. This is based on preference!

Maxwell has The North Face Ultra fastback Mid Gore-Tex boots. These boots are the best! A lot of boots can feel heavy and clunky, but these feel as light as running shoes, yet still rugged enough to tackle even the toughest trails. The Gore-Tex is a nice touch, adding lightweight, breathable waterproofing.

Hiking shoes

Outdoor Adventure Accessories

Hiking shoes

We both have a pair of Merrell All Outs (blue and purple) and they are our favorite all around shoe. They are the most comfortable shoe we have ever owned. These were the shoes we wore hiking the Caves of Gibraltar and they did not lead us astray!

Leeann has a pair of Saucony Peregrine trail shoes. These are recommended for trails and outdoors only. The treads are pretty aggressive and walking on concrete for long periods of time, it starts to hurt your feet. Despite the rugged tread, they still feel light and fast.

Hiking sandals

Outdoor Adventure Accessories

Our Chacos

We both have Chacos and couldn’t love them more. These are the most durable and supportive sandal ever created. the straps are adjustable to your feet so it feels that every pair is custom. Though they come with a heavy price tag, once you realize that each part of shoe can be repaired (strap, sole, buckle), the value sets in.

Hiking pants 

Outdoor Adventure Accessories

Hiking Pants

Leeann as Arcteryx in green. These are the most comfortable pants to ever be created which is why they are worn on almost every trip!

Maxwell has the North Face in blue/grey. He wears these most days, whether hiking or not 🙂 He has even worn them to yoga classes!


Outdoor Adventure Accessories

Max’s Coats

If you have not been able to figure out by now, Maxwell loves the North Face. His winter coat is the North Face puff coat. It is super light but warm which makes it a great coat for hiking. It stuffs well and takes up minimal space in his pack.

Similarly, Maxwell has a North Face raincoat as well. The fused seams and Hy-Vent waterproofing keep it light, breathable, yet effectively holds up against the elements.

Outdoor Adventure Accessories

Leeann’s Coats

Leeann has a winter coat from Cabela’s. Similar to Maxwell’s, it is warm but equally as light which makes it great for hiking. It stuffs small into her pack as well! Her raincoat is a Patagonia and it has been everywhere! Much like the Keen boots listed above- to say this coat is well loved is an understatement! Wearing the puffy down coat under the raincoat is a great combination as well.

-Max & Leeann


Outdoor Adventure Accessories

A little behind the scenes 🙂

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