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Tunnel of Trees

Tunnel of Trees

The Tunnel of Trees is a famous scenic drive along the Lake Michigan coast from Harbor Springs to Cross Village. The narrow, winding one-lane road lines the coast, steep cliffs to the lake to the West and beautiful hardwood forests to the East. A wonderful combination of beautiful mansions and quaint cabins dot the landscape along the way.

Certainly among the most beautiful drives I’ve ever done, the Tunnel of Trees roadway is a treat for motorcyclists, bikers, and tourists alike. Slow down to enjoy the scenery, and stop along the way to enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan.

Tunnel Vision

In the first few miles of the Tunnel of Trees roadway from Harbor Springs is Tunnel Vision Vineyard, Brewery, and Farm (they call it Pond Hill Farm). We happened upon Tunnel Vision purely by mistake, as on one trip down the road we noticed a discreet sign that read “wine tasting.” Not ones to ever pass up a vineyard, we of course had to stop, but we certainly weren’t prepared for what we discovered.

Nestled off the Tunnel of Trees road in a giant, hilly field is a beautiful house, barn, green house, farm, and Vineyard. The tasting room doubles as a restaurant, brewery, and wine production facility, and is essentially a giant barn.

The wine and beer are good, but really what can’t be beat is the atmosphere and location. I hope that one day Leeann and I can create a similar escape for ourselves where we can enjoy our own homegrown food and wine.

Legs Inn

The Tunnel of Trees roadway culminates in the tiny Cross Village. The highlight of Cross Village is a giant log cabin, the infamous Legs Inn.

If you’ve read this blog, you know how much I love food. Among my favorite cuisines is hearty, soul warming comfort food. Among the best in this category is Polish food. Oddly enough, Legs Inn is a traditional Polish restaurant. Emphasis on the classic, it’s so authentic, the workers are all typically high school and college aged Polish students who work and live at Legs Inn as part of an exchange program. It’s quite an experience, eating real Polish food as you hear people speaking Polish throughout the restaurant, overlooking Lake Michigan in the middle of nowhere Up North.

Tunnel of Trees

Legs Inn in Cross Village, Michigan

I highly recommend getting the Taste of Poland to try a variety of Polish favorites. The Golabki and Kielbasa are spot on. I also always start with the Zurek soup (a sour Polish soup) and a Zywiec Polish Beer.

The best part of Legs Inn has to be the location, as its nestled on a high precipice overlooking Lake Michigan. The view is absolutely stunning, and eating in the garden in back of the restaurant is the best.



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