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Tahquamenon Falls

Roadtrip to Tahquamenon Falls

En route to Pictured Rocks, we stopped at Tahquamenon Falls. Similar to Pictured Rocks, I had never been before but Maxwell previously had.

The Falls were beautiful and again I was in awe of nature. What struck me the most is that people are allowed to freely walk over the into the river/falls. I would think this is a giant hazard waiting to happen, but apparently it is not.

Arriving at Tahquamenon Falls

There are several parts to the falls. To get to the main area in these pictures, we had to buy a pass and row ourselves in a (rented) row boat to an island. Though you are able to see the falls in the distance from the main land area, it is best to go to the island to get an up close view (and to walk on them)

Tahquamenon Falls

The beginning of Tahquamenon Falls

Luckily we had just purchased our Chacos and were able to wear them in the water without fear of slipping or stepping on undesirable rocks.

Tahquamenon Falls

Love being able to touch nature

Tahquamenon Falls

Feeling the falls

There was something invigorating about standing in the falls and feeling the water rush over your feet and hands. Many children and families were nearby in bathing suits swimming in the water. The children were laughing loudly and being active which was awesome to see.

I am known for going out on the edge of cliffs, walking on narrow paths, or looking too closely at  gorges– this place was no different. Stand in a waterfall? Okay!

Tahquamenon Falls

Rushing water

Climb on a fallen tree in the river? Don’t mind if I do!

Tahquamenon Falls

Fallen tree makes for a good jungle gym

It is partially Maxwell’s fault I like doing these things. He always seems to get a good shot of us. This trip was our first one with our GoPro and an extension (we refuse to call it a selfie-stick) so there was a copious amount of footage angled towards us. This is a face of pure contentment.

Tahquamenon Falls

True Love

We did not stay at Tahquamenon Falls for long because it was not our final destination. Our short time exploring was memorable and I would recommend it to anyone in the area. We could have made it more of a day trip than we did. If it had been warmer and we wore swim gear, we would have swam the day away.


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