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Camels in Morocco

Riding Camels in Morocco

When I heard we were going to Morocco, I knew I wanted to ride camels. Wherever I go, I try to arrange encounters with wildlife. I love animals and if I could go back and do my education all over again, I would consider a change towards conservation biology.

Christian had originally said that our camel riding experience was going to tame. He described it as one person at a time, getting on the animal, and walking around for about 30 seconds.

Luck was on our side that day. On the outskirts of Tangier, we found our spot. The four of us that wanted to ride them were able to ride them all at the same time. The owners lead down to the beach where we were able to walk along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

The ride was rougher than I thought because I have not ridden a horse in awhile. My inner thighs were sore the next day from holding on so tightly!

It was one of those moments in life that I ask myself how on earth did I end up here?

{Enjoy our pictures and videos}

Riding Camels in Tangier Morocco

Our camels coming down the beach

Riding Camels in Tangier Morocco

Camels snuggling

Riding Camels in Tangier Morocco

Awesome shadows on the shores of the Mediterranean

Riding Camels in Tangier Morocco

Relaxed while riding a camel

Riding Camels in Tangier Morocco

Rugged terrain along the beach

Riding Camels in Tangier Morocco

A picturesque moment!


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