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Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain

Ohh Granada. Let me start off this post by saying, Maxwell and I could live here forever and always. 

Though our day in Granada was a short one due to us spending most of our time in La Alhambra, it is a place that I fell in love with.

As you can probably see by now, Maxwell’s main goal for the trip to Spain was to eat a lot of high quality food. In Granada, tapas are popular and that was the purpose of the afternoon. We shaped our exploration of the city around tapas. Tour de Tapas, if you will…

Granada, Spain

The streets of Granada,Spain

Granada, Spain

Former Bull Ring in Granada,Spain

Tapas in Granada

It was an unusually chilly day so by the time we toured La Alhambra, we were cold. Once we got to the first bar, we were overwhelmed with appreciation for the heat and for the refreshments so I did not note the name of the bar or the type of tapa…

Granada, Spain

Oliver’s Tapas Bar

Granada, Spain

Oliver’s Tapas

Our second stop was at the famous Oliver’s. One of Maxwell’s idols is Anthony Bourdain and he visited Oliver’s one an episode of his show. Just like on the show, it was delicious and it was busy! I’m unsure of what people in Spain are doing at 3:00pm on a Tuesday drinking, eating, and not working- but I appreciate the difference to American culture. It seems as though Spain understands the importance of real life outside of work.

Granada, Spain

The group at the third Tapas bar

By our third stop, the group was feeling much warmer and was also feeling the affects of the drinks that were required to obtain tapas. Again, the food was delicious, company was great, and the workers at the bars were friendly and interesting.

Granada, Spain

The third tapas bar

Our fourth and final stop we had classic Spanish dishes of paella and tortilla. Both ridiculously delicious.

Paella typically has seafood/shellfish in it. One of the friends in our group is highly allergic to shellfish- but this does not seem to happen with Spanish. Because of the extensive coastline and presence of shellfish, do Spanish not have this allergy? Hmm..

Granada, Spain

Paella at the fourth tapas bar

Granada, Spain

Spanish tortilla in Granada

By the end of the day, I realized I wanted more Granada. The feel of the city, the importance that is put on relaxation/relationships, and the food all made this an amazing destination to visit. As I previously stated, I could spend some serious time here. My best friend from college was lucky enough to study abroad in Granada for a semester. Until this day spent there, I did not understand how lucky she was.

(A bull ring in Granada)


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