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Gibraltar, United Kingdom

For those who may not know, Gibraltar is a small British overseas territory located on the southern tip of Spain. It has a population of about 38,000 people and boasts a rich history. (I highly recommend reading up on it) Many people know the name Gibraltar because of the Straits of Gibraltar, the waterway that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, it is narrow between the two land masses of Europe and Africa. This location makes it a prime shipping port.

We decided to spend the day in Gibraltar because our dear friend, Christian, is a Gibraltarian citizen. (although he lives in Spain, like many Gibraltarians)

The Straits of Gibraltar

We wanted to see the tip of Gibraltar (Gib) because on a clear day, one is able to see Morocco! The weather was touch and go, unfortunately, and we got stuck in gale force winds along with rain. As seen in the photos below, there were spots of sunshine in the distance, that would eventually come to Gib.

After being beaten around by the wind, it was time for lunch. While walking through the streets of downtown Gibraltar, it was evident that this was a British oversea territory. Narrow alleys that were covered in pubs and fish n chips restaurants. It felt like we had been transported to Great Britain. Our group decided that ‘When in Rome’- rather in Gib- we had fish n chips. Just like their more northern matriarch, they were authentic and delicious.

The Rock of Gibraltar

The main attraction in Gibraltar is the Rock of Gibraltar. This one mountain peak takes up most of the area of Gibraltar and the people have built around it. Going up the rock was only mildly terrifying and nauseating as we drove up switch back roads. It was a magnificent view though that was worth the car sickness.


Wonderful views


Kisses on the mountain high


The group on The Rock of Gibraltar


A baby macaque on the Rock of Gibraltar

At the top of the rock, there are primate inhabitants. Primates are my least favorite animals as they remind me of humans too much. Maxwell, on the other hand, loves them because of the proof they provide for evolution. Anyway- I had been warned by Christian that these primates are desensitized to humans and often climb on, crawl around, or steal items from you. Luckily, I avoided them for the most part. This baby was kind of cute.

Our main activity of the day was to go on a 2-3 hour hike in the caves under the Rock of Gibraltar. There will be a separate post on this topic because… it deserves it’s own.

Spoiler Alert: Maxwell and I discover that we are claustrophobic. 

Overall, the day was lovely, despite the weather. It was a good place to experience, but I would not need another day in Gibraltar. We are happy that we got to see Christian’s place of origin and tackled another-technical- country!

(Although you would not know it by looking at our passports. Because we were in a car with a Gibraltar license plate, they let us right through!)

Watch this summary of our trip up the Rock!


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    […] we were first approached about hiking in the St. Michaels Cave under the Rock of Gibraltar– it was a no brainer to say yes. It was described as a walk underground with a big lake that […]

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